Birthday Party FAQ’s

*Can I bring in a cake and just “do my own party” at a table?
            We always require a party package reservation for a cake and presents to be brought in.  We provide a Private Reserved room for you and your guests to enjoy and celebrate your party in.  We do not allow cake, presents, or other birthday items to be on any of the public tables in our eating area.

*Can I bring in outside decorations?
            We provide decorations with all of our Public Party Packages and some of our Private Party packages. (if hosting a private party please inquire with staff)  Your party director will be setting up your room prior to your use and will have everything ready for you.  We want to make things simple and easy for you and ask that you don’t bring extra items with you in order to keep things easy for everyone.  There is no need to purchase anything else since it comes with your package. You can bring in balloons (we do not have a place to store them) or purchase them from us for simplicity and ease.

*Can I bring in Goody Bags?
            You can bring your own Goody Bags or purchase them from us ($3.00 each) if you don’t want to hassle with making your own!  We suggest giving Goody Bags out at the end of your time with us to lessen the chance of things being lost.

*How long is my Room time?
            All Public Session party packages come with 45 minutes max reserved room time.  We provide a party director to set up, help during, and clean up so you can enjoy all of your time.  Due to parties booked before/after yours we are not able to extend party room time.  You are not required to stay in the room for the whole time if your party guests finish early with cake/presents and want to skate then you can vacate your room at that time if you wish.

*Can I move all of my party stuff to another table after my room?
            We are happy to hold your cake in storage for you and you can always use your gift bin after as well. We are not able to have any cake at the open tables before or after party room time. Many parties choose to put some party items back in the their car for safe keeping as well.  We do not allow Party stuff at any of the open tables due to space and fairness.  We want to make sure all of our guests can enjoy their time with us. 

*What if my guests are late and miss the room time?
            If you are celebrating in the room first before skating we recommend having guests arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure they can enjoy the entire room time.  If your guests arrive late during the room time they are more than welcome to join in and participate for the rest of your reserved time. Your party director will do their best to keep the party moving for the rest of the guests who are on time.  We cannot extend room time due to late arrivals.

*Do extra adults not skating have to pay just to come in?
            We do not charge admission for spectating adults.  They are welcome to come into the facility and watch for free.  They can also go into your party room during the reserved time (if space allows) and watch.  You may wish to order extra pizza or pitchers of soda for them as well.  We recommend ordering extra pizza in advance so you don’t have to wait upon arrival to your room.

*What kind of food can I bring in?
            We allow cake or cupcakes to be brought in when you have your party package reserved.  You can bring small ice cream cups if you wish and we are happy to store those in the freezer for you.  We do not recommend large containers of ice cream or ice cream cakes as we cannot guarantee freezer space for them.  (If you have a special dietary need/allergy for someone in your group please let us know in advance so we can accommodate them.)

*Where can I store my gifts?
            We have gift bins with the Birthday name written on them that you are welcome to use.  That way gifts are easily stored and all in one place!

*What form of payment can I pay with?
            We accept Visa/Mastercard and Cash for all party deposits and final balances.  No checks are accepted.

*What if I want more pizza and soda?
            We always ask for advance notice if possible for any extra pizzas you may order for guests.  That way we can have them made and ready upon arrival into your room.  If you wait until you get into your room to order more, please allow 15-20 mintues for your hot pizzas to be arrive from our Pizza Kitchen.  Extra pitchers of soda can be ordered prior or during your room time.  Remember that spectating adults and extra family often get hungry too!

*What if I have more guests or less guests than my original count on the invoice?
            Please let your party director know as soon as possible so they can accommodate more place settings or tickets.  Some packages also come with extra goodies so make sure you communicate with your party director to ensure proper guest count is set.

*What if some of the adults just want to skate but are not being “included” in my party package?
            Extra guests (adults, siblings of invited kids, etc) can always buy their own tickets at the front counter.  If you are wanting to pay for extra skaters then please let us know so we can add them accordingly.

*What if some people have their own skates?
            All party package tickets come with regular or rollerblade rental included if needed.  Those that bring their own still need the ticket for admission and will have to hand that to the front counter in order to redeem admission.  We will hold one of their skates upon arrival and they can come in and find you to get their ticket.

*When will the Birthday Song and Hokey Pokey be played?
            We make sure that your child will be included in a Birthday Circle in the center of the floor.  Times vary for different sessions but we do them in between party room times so everyone can participate or we do them twice if needed. If your party is celebrating in their room then you will get a chance to do them later. 

*Can I tip my Party Director?
            Absolutely!  Your party director’s sole job is to take care of you and your party guests while you are in the room!  If they do a great job of providing a fun experience and make it hassle free for you then feel free to add a gratuity.  We also love it when you let a manager know if you had a great time and enjoyed your party director.

*What about plates and forks for cake?
            We have extra plates and items needed for your cake time.  The room will be set up upon arrival with party themed plates for your paid guest count.  If you have some extra parents or family joining you to watch we have extra plates for them as well.  If you need extra cups for non paid guests then we can add a pitcher of soda on for them since the soda is only unlimited for the paid guests during the room time.


If you have a question that was not addressed in our FAQ list please feel free to email us and we are happy to answer anything so we can make your party seamless and enjoyable! Please email us at:


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